24 to 11lb 1oz tench from water with untapped tinca potential

Darran Goulder’s run of form for tench continued when he enjoyed a red-letter session at a venue whose stocks of the species are largely unknown.

The Shimano-backed specialist admitted that at times he couldn’t keep a bait in the water when he banked no fewer than 24 tench, the best tipping the scales at 11lb 1oz, during a 48-hour session.

Feederfished maggots cast over the top of a bed of Dynamite Baits Frenzied Particles, pellets and maggots was the winning combination for Darran, whose catch included 13 tench over the 8lb mark.

“I couldn’t get on my regular water, so I travelled to a carp syndicate to target its unknown tench stocks,” said Darran.

“At times there were rods, nets and tackle strewn across the floor as I tried my utmost to keep a rod in the water.”