22 carp in one session from Linear Fisheries

Baiting up just before dark helped Chris Lowe enjoy a 22-fish fish haul during two nights at Linear Fisheries.

The venue regular tackled Brasenose One and banked a string of twenties to 29lb 4oz. The lake has developed a reputation for mainly producing day-time bites, but the Avid Carp consultant baited heavily at dusk and received action around the clock.

The West Midlander told Angling Times: “I fished about halfway along the road bank into open water. All the fish the previous week had been coming from the opposite bank, but I went round there and none of the lads had had a bite for 24 hours so I assumed the fish had moved off.

“I think I was in peg eight or nine and I started at 120 yards, but didn’t have any bites, so moved back to 100 yards and got action straight away. Because people had been having bites during the day I decided to do something different and introduce more bait just before dark. Bites kept coming until 11.30pm.”

Chris’s wife Angie Lawley followed the same tactics and caught seven fish during the stay, with the majority coming between midnight and 3am.

Chris used Sonubaits Cod Red boilies along with matching pellets, particles and maggots. He fished Code Red pop-ups as hookbaits.

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