21 hours, 51 carp and a lake record

Some incredible weather helped Tom Maker compile what he called his “best-ever winter session”.

The Fox and Sticky consultant racked up 51 carp in just 21 hours’ fishing at Brasenose One on the Linear Fisheries site in Oxfordshire. Twenty of the fish weighed over 20lb, topped by a new lake-record common of 27lb 8oz and two 27lb mirrors.

Tom was on site for 40 hours but wound in at night and caught the majority of his fish during daylight hours.

He told Angling Times: “Between 1pm and 4pm it just went mad. There were four occasions where all three of my rods went off at once. I’ve never caught 20 twenties in a session anywhere before. It was just a combination of freak weather – with air pressure right down to 984mb – being able to get down there when it was quiet and being on a venue that I know well.”

He added: “I arrived at about 4pm on Sunday but didn’t fish until 8am the next morning as it was just so windy. I fished until 9pm on the first day before winding in and getting some sleep, then from 7am until 3pm on the Tuesday.

“I was fishing at about 65 yards into open water and started with 10 spombs of boilies and hemp and topped it up as the fish came. It was so windy that I was just fishing a single bottom bait on each rod and using 5oz leads to get the rigs out there. Normally I’d use sweetcorn, hemp and maggots but I decided to use boilies and hemp to stop the bait spreading out in the wind. I think it’s because I was using boilies that I caught so many good fish.”

Tom was using a new boilie on test from Sticky and used rigs made with size 4 Fox SR hooks and a new coated braid from the firm.

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