2015 set to be the year of the tench

A brand new scheme has been launched to help boost tench stocks in waters across the UK this year.

April marks the start of the tench angling season and a fresh project has identified a number of measures that could help make the species more readily available throughout the nation.

The Tench Heritage Alliance have released a plan of action that will give more club and commercial fisheries the opportunity to introduce them and committee member Phil Jackson said: “We are aware that some anglers don’t have great tench fishing on their doorstep and we want to change that.”

“There is definitely a growing demand for tench and if we can increase the amount of waters that hold these fish then the amount of anglers targeting them will quickly rise.”

Three main priorities have been announced and Phil believes each one can play a part in the spread of the species: “We want to locate waters with unwanted tench and have those fish transferred to lakes that will benefit from their arrival. We anticipate that trout fisheries may be able to assist in this process.”

“Plans have also been drawn up to work closely with the Environment Agency owned Calverton Fish Farm to produce and distribute more tench as part of their stocking programmes.”

“Finally, we have pinpointed locations where we will build stock ponds solely to breed tench, with the fish being rehomed across the land when they get to a suitable size,” he added.

Clubs and fisheries aiming to increase their stocks of the species are being asked to come forward, with the organisation offering assistance. Interested parties will also be offered advice on how to maintain a healthy fishery that encourages the fish to breed successfully.

To get involved in the project email philej54@yahoo.co.uk or visit www.tenchfishers.com

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