200kg of bait piled in for 8lb 4oz chub

The introduction of almost 200kg of bait led to the capture of the biggest chub of the season.

River fishing fanatic Dave Young has fished the River Trent for big chub, barbel and carp for more than a decade, and the secret to his success has always been dedicated prebaiting campaigns and introducing huge beds of bait.

His latest session on the in-form waterway was no different and led to the capture of this huge 8lb 4oz personal best.

“This may seem excessive, but anglers who fish rivers like the Trent don’t put anywhere near enough bait in because it’s mind-blowing how quickly it disappears,” Dave said.

“I put in 12kg of mixed particles, pellets and boilies every night for 10 evenings leading up to the start of the season to pull the fish into the area and keep them there.

“Then I must have used around 16kg every day I was fishing.”

The Notts specialist also netted chub weighing 7lb 4oz, along with carp of 23lb 4oz, 20lb 2oz and 15lb during his prolific session.

It was 20mm halibut pellets on a simple lead clip system attached to 15lb mainline, a braided hooklink and a size 6 Drennan hook that was the winning combination.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in a boat observing my swims. It’s not just the fish that clean up the bait quickly –  there are other factors,” Dave said.

“Boat traffic and the sheer volume of water that moves through also helps the bait dissipate, so the introduction of a lot of bait will give you the best chance of keeping chub and barbel in the area.

“You don’t have to spend loads of money either, as the bulk of my prebait is made up of maize, maples and tares.”