14,000 join in to learn all about angling

The sport’s most important initiative for attracting new blood has been hailed a huge success after 14,000 people took part.
National Fishing Month is an annual event that aims to boost participation, with over 300 coaching and taster days being held at fisheries across the country during this year’s action-packed schedule.
Staged between July 18 and August 31, professional tutors and event organisers were inundated with enquiries from people who wanted to try out angling.
Staff at the Angling Trades Association (ATA) were once again in charge of its organisation.
Chairwoman Naidre Werner was full of praise for those who helped make it such a success.
 “The achievements of National Fishing Month are largely due to the enthusiastic, steadfast support of the voluntary organisers and coaches who plan the events every year,” she said.
“It’s down to their hard work that the sport reaches out to so many people. It’s now our responsibility to ensure that as many people as possible who enjoyed their experience take up fishing on a regular basis to become the anglers of the future.”
Numerous angling clubs and fisheries helped deliver the programmes, including Nottingham Anglers Association who provided a full session of coaching for just £1 at its Bestwood Ponds complex.
All juniors who participated in at least two events were given free membership for the rest of the season.
Secretary Dave Turner said: “Juniors are vital to the future of our sport and we are determined to do our bit to tempt as many children as possible to take up fishing.
“We have already seen those who earned a free membership at our waters with family or friends and it is proof that the activities that make up National Fishing Month are making a real difference to participation levels.”
Planning has already started for the 2016 effort.
Anyone wishing to get involved can find out more information by visiting www.nationalfishingmonth.com