12lb tench caught on float tackle

First double figure tench falls to bread after 15-year hunt

“I would never fish for tench with bolt rigs and bite alarms because to me the float is the only way.”

These are the words of Colin Hebb, who ended a 15-year quest for a double-figure fish when he landed this huge 12lb 1oz specimen on float tackle.

It would have been easy for the Yorkshire specialist to give up hope following almost two decades targeting the same local water after he’d heard stories of the capture of double-figure tench.

But his dedication was handsomely rewarded when he baited his swim with four handfuls of mashed bread and put his faith in traditional tactics.

After a few hours of being pestered by small roach, the tip of his float eventually slid away among the lilies and a firm strike saw the 31-year-old market trader connect with his
first-ever double-figure fish.

“I’ve always had faith that there was a big fish in this lake, but I never expected a tench over the 12lb mark… it’s incredible, especially for a lake up north,” said Colin.

“I would never fish for tench with a bolt rig and bite alarms as it just doesn’t feel right to me, so that’s why I have always persevered with bread under a float.

“There were times when I thought I was going to lose the fish. I just couldn’t stop it boring into the vegetation and there were lilies snapping all over the place, but it eventually came straight out and went into the net. I guess it was just meant to be.”

Colin’s rig was simplicity itself. He used a float that took 2bb shot with 10lb mainline tied straight through to a size 6 Fox hook.