£50k funding for campaign to attract more juniors

THE drive to attract more juniors into angling was given a boost this week after £50,000 of funding was made available for a joint campaign.
Rod licence sales to youngsters have dipped in recent years but the Angling Trust and Environment Agency have now teamed up to reverse the trend by launching the second phase of the Fishery Improvement Fund.
Hundreds of clubs and commercials applied for a slice of the cash pot – funded by rod licence sales – when the scheme was first launched last year, and it has now been revealed that 17 projects have benefited from the grants.
Officials were so impressed at the uptake that they have decided to re-run the initiative. Angling Trust CEO Mark Lloyd said: “The response to the first round of bidding was beyond our expectations, and clearly demonstrates that this scheme is making a huge difference to angling.
“This time round we want to focus on two issues – drawing more kids into the sport and getting them ‘hooked’, and protecting fish stocks from predation.
“Each project can bid for up to £5,000, and I’d urge anyone who thinks they can help angling to step up to the next level to apply.”
Warwickshire’s Makins Fishery succeeded in the first phase of bidding and venue boss Alan McDiarmid told Angling Times: “The fund has given us means to install new concrete pegs that will be perfect for families and disabled visitors.
“We hope that this move will attract more people to the fishery and tempt them to invest more of their time in our great sport.”
In order to help clubs and fisheries put together a convincing application, the Angling Trust will be running a series of workshops between June 22 and 25 next week. Experts will be on hand to provide advice on how to create a successful bid.
The closing date for applications is July 13, and the winners must be able to spend the proceeds of their award by the end of August.