Venue change sees '7 scales' out at 40lb 4oz

A forced change of venue selection proved to be a blessing in disguise for Matt Eldridge who went on to land this 40lb 4oz mirror.

With his local lake closed because of flooding the Noble’s Fishing team member decided to give Lakeside Fishery in Eastleigh a try.

What followed over the next 24 hours proved to be true winter red letter session as he went on land a total of seven carp including the venue’s biggest inhabitant known as 7 Scales.

“I’d headed to the deepest part of the lake as this is where 95 per cent of 7 Scales’ captures have come from - I was actually quite surprised to see that the swim was free,” said the 31-year-old.

“I landed a couple of mid-doubles first then an hour after dark I had a take from something that felt much bigger. There aren’t many big back-up fish in the lake so I had a good idea which one I was attached to. The fight lasted well over 20 minutes but I eventually got my prize in the net. By the end of the trip I added another four fish between 15lb and 22lb 8oz to my tally,” he added.

All of Matt’s fish came to Shoreline Baits’ GLM Red Bull critically-balanced hookbaits which he offered over a light scattering of freebies on a hard patch among a couple of silt beds at 60 yards range. Rig wise, he put his faith in Fox Camotex hooklinks attached to size 8 Fox Kuro hooks.