Two forties in minutes from Bluebell Lakes!

Kev Hewitt’s incredible run of form on one of Britain’s top day-ticket waters has continued with a brace of forties within minutes of each other.

In his first year on the tricky Swan Lake at Northamptonshire’s Bluebell complex, the Wiltshire hauler has netted 51 fish in just 22 nights. His latest weekend session yielded a 44lb 15oz grass carp and a 40lb 6oz common, plus a 25lb mirror.

Kev, who works at Hinders Fishing Superstore in Swindon, explained: “I arrived late on Saturday after work, about 8pm, and started floater fishing. I then put the traps out for the night and got up at 4am to begin floater fishing again and managed to catch the twenty off the top.

“When I came back to my swim to collect my camera I noticed fish were fizzing like mad over the bait I’d put out. But by now it was about 8.30am and I figured I had missed my chance.”

Having added 7kg of spod mix – made up of hemp, sweetcorn and CC Moore Equinox boilies – to the initial 4kg he had put in the swim, Kev retired for his second night hoping the fish would return the following morning.

He continued: “At 6am one of the rods roared off, but I lost it in the weed. Probably about 7am one of the rods ripped off again and it was the 44lb 15oz grass carp.

“I had just put it in the sling when the next rod was away with the 40lb 6oz common.”

He added: “It is very, very weedy and I actually lost three fish in the weed during the session. It was so weedy I spent two hours dragging out a channel in the weed in close, and fortunately both of the 40s came through that.”

Fishing over light Canadian pond weed, Kev had bites on three different presentations – a chod, a hinged-stiff rig and a solid PVA bag, all baited with Equinox boilies. Remarkably, the big brace were ESP-backed Kev’s first Swan Lake fish of the year not to fall to floaters or zigs.

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