Silverfish Providing Top Sport At Makins Phase 1

With anglers concentrating their efforts on silverfish to provide them with a good days sport in winter many UK commercials have responded by stocking their lakes with hoards of small fish other than carp in an attempt to attract more anglers.

Makins Fishery is one venue which has followed the trend and anglers visiting the Warwickshire complex recently have made the most of it, netting huge weights of bream, perch, skimmers and roach along with the carp.

Currently the best sport can be found on Phase 1’s Lake One where bream to 7lb are being caught on small boilies along with nets of silvers on pellets, maggots or tiny cubes of meat.

If you still want the elastic to stream out of your pole and target carp then Lake Four should be your choice of pools. Here carp averaging around 6lb are feeding on small amounts of bait such as small pellets, fed at around 10m on the pole.

LAKE 1: Mainly a big carp water holding specimens to 35lb, however, winter catches have attracted silverfish anglers. For carp, single offerings and small PVA bags are your best bet.

LAKE 2: A match carp bagging water containing carp averaging around 8lb. When winter bites hard it becomes a good water for big perch which go to 4lb.

LAKE 3: Full of small carp around 1-3lb, making it ideal for easy pleasure sessions or matches.

LAKE 4: Carp to 20lb dominate the stocks in Lake Four, although there is a substantial stock of bream, roach and perch to keep your float going under if it’s just bites you are looking for. In winter, a feeder fished towards the island with maggot or hair rigged corn takes over as the number one tactic.

LAKE 5: Similar to Lake 1 only there are more carp including loads in the mid to upper doubles range. Sport is still hectic over the cold season, with PVA bags and single baits coming into their own. Anglers wishing to employ match style tactics will also score heavily, with the method feeder proving a fantastic tactic all year round.

Prices: £5 a day for two rods

Location: Makins Fishery, Bazzard Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 6QJ

Contact: 01455 220877,

Rules: Barbless only, no keepnets, no bloodworm, no floating baits, only 'Dynamite Baits Betaine Green Swim Stim Pellets' to be used as feed

Facilities: toilets, caravan hook-ups