Mixed Nets To 50lb At East Yorkshire's Pastures Pond In Halsham

Hidden in the East Yorkshire countryside lies the idyllic Pastures Fish Pond. If it is peace and quiet you want as well as a nice net of fish then this is the place to go this weekend.

Anglers have been reporting mixed nets to 50lb in recent weeks despite the poor weather. Pastures is spring fed, holds up to 50 anglers and is carp orientated with many of them in the 8-12lb range but there are the odd specimens to over 20lb. In winter the carp sport can be a little slow but there are plenty of silverfish to be had on those cold days as well as tench to 7lb which feed all-year-round.

There is a central island and the pond has an average depth of 6 feet. Pole and waggler are the man methods here with maggots, sweetcorn and meat as top hook baits. Fish can come from anywhere around the pond but the best catches occur when anglers fish close to the island especially where carp are concerned. You don’t have to fish the float or long pole to the island though, as a simple pellet cone or method feeder will also work for the carp.

For the silvers you can easily get a fish a chuck just by fishing the pole with a 4mm softened pellet and feeding small amounts of micro pellets regularly over the top.

TIP: A switch to a 6mm bread disc on the hook can result in some larger skimmers coming to the net.

Prices: £5 a day, £2 for an extra rod

Location: Pastures Pond, North Road, Halsham, E Yorks, HU12 0DD

Contact: 01964 670489, 07774 691377

Rules: Barbless only, no keepnets, no cat or dog meat, no bloodworm or joker