Irish 30lb carp a new record?

Ireland’s official carp record could have broken the 30lb barrier for the first time.

This mirror, which was weighed at 30lb exactly, came from a Northern Irish venue and looks set to topple the previous 29lb 13oz record which has been held for 16 years.

Bigger fish have been imported into the island but to count as an official Ireland record – as this one does – the carp has to have been stocked at under 12lb.

Avid carper Ryan Creighton caught the historic fish from a 37-acre lake at Loughgall Country Park in Armagh.

He said: “This was the fastest run I had ever experienced, and as I picked up the rod and slowly teased around the drag, the fish just kept ripping line flat out for 60 yards or more. By this stage I knew it was one of the A-Team, the ones we were hoping for. As the fish eventually began to slow on the clutch I began to feel the true weight of what I was attached to.”

The venue has produced two upper twenties before, but this fish was not one of them.

Ryan added: “I named her Ryan’s Fish and she was the nicest looking carp I have ever caught. She just had so much character, you could just see the age in her.

“My main hopes are to see these fish grow even bigger to prove carp can thrive in Northern Ireland, and to see further stocks of fish for the future, with this potential record beaten time and time again.”

The fish was caught in late May but has been kept under wraps until now. Terry Jackson, who broke the story on, said: “Nobody would have expected such a fish to come from Northern Irish waters with the colder climate. It just shows the potential of carp fishing over here and it is certainly gaining momentum among anglers.”

The fish has been submitted as a potential record to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee.

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