Catch Some Big Chub At Yorkshire's Renny Lake

You don’t need running water to catch big chub these days, with more and more commercial fisheries stocking the species in the bid to provide anglers with something different to target other than carp.

Renny Lake in Northallerton is one of these stillwater fisheries that has focused its stock on the species with fish over 5lb residing in the Main Lake. These specimens are often landed by anglers targeting carp in the deeper water on the feeder or bomb in winter so anyone wishing to target them specifically should focus their attack with this in mind.

Baits such as meat, chopped worm or pellet fished at distance will give you a great chance as long as you don’t mind landing the odd carp of around 3lb too. If you really want to go at the chub though, trying baits such as cheesepaste or even bread could prove worthwhile.

The lake is also full of roach and a net of 20-30lb is easily achievable fishing the pole with maggot at around 9m. Find a nice depth, begin by fishing on the deck, feeding maggots little and often via a kinder pot over the top to keep bites coming. The roach are of a good stamp in here and using this method also allows you to catch the odd chub too so don’t make the mistake of fishing too light. Feeding a line tight to one of the lakes many islands may also be worth trying especially if it is fishing hard.

Prices: £5 a day, Concessions £4

Contact: 07885 776291

Location: Renny Lake, East Harlsey, Northallerton, DL6 2EA

Rules: No keepnets, all fish must be landed using a net

Facilities: Toilets