Bag-Up On Exotic Species At Shropshire's Villa Farm

Many commercial fishery owners in the North-West prefer to stock their lakes with carp these days but Villa Farm Fishery has bucked this trend by filling its lakes with a huge variation of fish including numerous ornamental species.

Situated on the Shropshire, Cheshire border this delightful, well-managed fishery is well known for its weird and wonderful range of stock including fan-tail X crucians, orfes and koi. The Back Pond here is a case in point, with ide, blue and golden orfe, goldfish, carp, chub, barbel and roach and rudd to be had.

If you want constant bites and to catch more fish than you can count, small pellet and maggot in open water will produce plenty of sport on this pool but for larger fish target the margins with bigger baits like corn, 6mm pellet and meat, with paste producing less bites but better fish. The margins provide 3.5ft of water, making them worthwhile features even in April while out in the middle 4-5ft can be found.

A net of 50lb-plus net is easily achievable on this pool as long as you keep some feed going in and don’t ignore fishing both on the deck and up in the water if required.

The fishery also has two other pools containing similar stock, so even if you can’t get on the back pool there are plenty of pegs offering similar fishing. 50lb nets have recently featured on the Large Pool which contains some bigger fish.

Prices: £6 a day (two rods max, one float, one leger)

Contact: 01948 663016

Location: Villa Farm, Nantwich Road, Broughall, Whitchurch, Shrops, SY13 4AE

Rules: no boilies, no nuts, no bloodworm, barbless only, keepnet use is members only, no floating baits without permission

Facilities: Toilets