Bag Up On Brafferton's Big Chub

It is still a number of weeks until you can fish the rivers again so why not try your hand at a bit of stillwater chub fishing?

The Island Lake at Thirsk’s Brafferton Carp Lakes is stuffed with them and not small stuff either with individual lumps touching 8lb, enough to make the elastic stream out of your pole! The swims opposite the main island are the hotspots for the species and spring time is the best period to target them.

Tactics wise you can’t beat the pole fishing shallow and spraying maggot but you must keep the feed going in and try not to fish your swim straight away, letting the fish build up confidence before targeting them.

You can always fish a light Method feeder cast tight to the island for carp and F1’s averaging around 5lb in the meantime and this also allows you to feed your chub swim via a catapult while you wait. To do this you need to take at least four pints of maggots for a full day to get through the roach, which can otherwise be a real nuisance so you need the chub to push them out of the peg.

The depth at around 11m is around 6ft but the chub will feed around 2-3ft when they are in confident mood and a simple pole rig with a bulk around 8 inches from the hook is all that is required to achieve nets of around 50lb of chub and roach alone.

There are three other lakes on-site including a ghost carp lake, offering something different to the usual commercial carp.

TIP: When fishing on the pole for chub, a kinder pot is a great way of keeping the feed going in to help entice a bite.

Prices: £7 a day

Contact: 01423 360402

Location: Brafferton, Boroughbridge Road, Brafferton, N Yorks, YO61 2PD

Rules: Barbless hooks only, keepnets allowed when used sensibly

Facilities: toilets, cafe