World record perch

The recent spate of huge perch captured from UK venues was surpassed last week with the landing of two World record specimens from European waters.

The pair of fish, one of 6lb 10oz caught by Dutch lure ace Willem Stolk and the other weighing 6lb 8oz caught by Russian angler Mikhail Poliakov, highlight the ever increasing size of the species.

Both captures would break the current International Game Fish Association (IGFA) record for the species of 6lb 6oz, a fish caught by Kalle Vaaranen in Finland back in 2010.

Willem’s perch was landed from Holland’s Hellevoetsluis Lake during a practice session for the World Predator Classic, an event which will see him partnering the ‘Man in Red,’ Jan Porter, this coming June.  The Shimano sponsored angler tempted the specimen using a vertical jigging approach - a method which is popular in this part of Europe. Meanwhile Mikhail Poliakov’s stripey was taken from an unknown lake in Denmark. The Eco Fish Team member was said to be fishing for pike when the giant predator, which measured 53cm in length, took his 6.6 inch Westin Jätte lure.

The number of big perch has rocketed in recent years including some monster fish from UK venues as well as numerous record claims from across Europe. The current UK record is jointly held by Ken Brown and Neil Stephen with fish of 6lb 3oz from Tring Reservoir and Stream Valley Lakes respectively, both caught in 2011. In October of the same year, Angling Times also reported the capture of an estimated 7lb-8lb fish caught by Dutchman, Alrik Nedermeijer on Hollandsch Diep River system, a fish which was returned without being weighed.

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