Unfished swim scores for a 240lb catfish

A previously unfished spot on the River Po in Italy produced this colossal 240lb catfish for Pierre Gotzinger.

Fishing under the expert guidance of Stefan Seuss of Black Cat Guiding Tours, they targeted a long silt bank which dropped off steeply and carefully presented their rigs, which incorporated livebaits on soft braided hooklinks, on the ledge going against the current.

A violent take was followed by a 40-minute fight before Pierre landed the huge predator which measured just over 2.5m in length.

Stefan said: “Most anglers avoid uncomfortable spots where you have to work hard to present your rigs. However, that is precisely what makes the difference – and the inaccessible, uncomfortable sports are where you find the biggest fish.”

For more information about fishing on the River Po visit www.team-black-cat.com

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