Uk's biggest coarse fish caught at 140lb

THE biggest coarse fish ever landed on rod and line in the UK has been banked at a staggering 140lb.

Anglers from around the country often jet off to the warmer climes such as Spain and Italy to target the species, but Rudy Keane succeeded closer to home when he fished Oakwood Park Predator Lakes in Norfolk.

Having previously taken catfish to a personal best of 86lb from the venue, he was determined to land one of the triple figure specimens that inhabit the lake, so made the 250-mile round trip from his home in Birmingham. 

He introduced no loosefeed before casting a leger rig made up of 25lb mainline, a 50lb braided hooklink and a size 6 hook baited with a strip of mackerel.
“The bite came on the first morning and it started off as a few small bleeps before the fish tore off,” explained Rudy.
“I instantly felt the weight of it and after half an hour it just about squeezed into the landing net. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at – I couldn’t lift it by myself and I’m 18 stone and over six foot tall.”
“It was a spare of the moment trip and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up catching the UK’s biggest coarse fish,” he added.
Northamptonshire’s Bluebell Lakes held the previous record when Adi White landed an estimated 120lb fish last year.
Rumours have suggested Oakwood could be home to even bigger inhabitants and Rudy is now determined to uncover the truth. He concluded: “I’ve heard people say that there is a bigger one closer to the 200lb mark that was once caught on a whole chicken! I’ll certainly be going back in the near future to see if I can put the record straight.”