Two top mirror carp from Kingsmead

The tenacity to dig out a swim in an unfished corner of Kingsmead Island Lake gave Dan Leney mirros of 36lb 12oz and 28lb 14oz.

The Middlesex rod’s off-the-beaten-track approach included arriving in the swim for a two-day session by boat after heavily pre-baiting with CC Moore’s XXX boilies and hemp.

The 39-year-old told Angling Times: “I fished in a quiet corner that has not been fished all year. I dug out a swim and covered it in reeds at the front so no-one would see what was going on.

“The fish would turn up every morning and patrol around the corner from left to right. I arrived silently on the boat and cast from the bank to spots that had been clipped up during the previous session.

“The larger of the two carp, a great 36lb mirror that had previously been a forty, was a great result as this went off just minutes after casting out.

“The fully scaled mirror, which weighed just under 30lb, gave a great account of itself having been hooked in the margin snag. I got into the boat and played it over a quarter of a mile away in open way – what a spirited fight!”

Dan used Rigmarole end tackle and CC Moore hookbaits.

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