Two forties in just 24 hours

Neil Haynes had never had a 40-pounder before banking two of the best from Dinton Pastures in 24 hours.

The 30-year-old banked ‘Pawprint’ at 41lb 10oz, then ‘Son of Triple Row’ at 40lb 8oz during a72-hour session at the well-known Berkshire venue.

Neil, from nearby Wokingham, said: “I’d not had a forty before, then had two in 24 hours – like London busses!

“I turned up at the lake at about 5am on a Monday morning and, after a few hours of looking, I found some fish showing in between two swims which were taken.

“I waited till the lake got quiet then flicked a chod rig to the edge of a weed bed and scattered 1kg of Sticky Krill boilies over the area. In the morning It ripped off with Pawprint at 41lb 10oz.

“I stayed in the swim as the fish continued to show in the area, put the rod back on the same spot and scattered another kilo over the top.

“Next morning the same thing happened. I couldn't believe it when I pulled the weed off the fish and Son Of Triple Row was laying there at 40lb 8oz!”

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