Two fish for over 98lb from Wellington Country Park

Two fish for more than 98lb saw Darren Belton’s run of form at Wellington Country Park continue in stunning fashion.

The Greys-backed angler caught a new pb at 51lb 12oz and banked a 46lb 12oz mirror in the same session at the exclusive Berkshire syndicate water. The fish came from the same spot where Darren snared a 45lb ghost carp just weeks earlier.

He said: “I arrived at the lake at Sunday lunchtime and soon had 3kg of Mainline Hybrid boilies Spombed to the spot, followed by my usual Hybrid and micro-pop-up snowman rig, one rod either side of the freebies.

“The first night passed without event, and after a few hours wandering around, I decided to stay put, topped up the spot, then rested the swim until early evening. At about 5am the next morning a blistering take resulted in a stunning 46lb 12oz mirror. I was already buzzing but the best was still to come.

“Mid-morning I repeated the previous day’s activity and recast the hookbaits at 5pm. Six hours later a funny take had me in my waders and as it flat-rodded me and stripped 50 yards of line from my spool in the process I realised this was a special fish.

“Twice more it went on huge, powerful runs and when it finally went in the net my legs were like jelly. I flicked on the head torch and peered in to be met by the big common, and it looked huge! As we hoisted her up on the scales I knew all my dreams had come true. It still hasn’t sunk in!”

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