Two 7lb chub just days apart

Just days after catching his first 7lb-plus chub, Lee Swords has added a second over the magical barrier to his name in the form of this 7lb 2oz specimen.

The Sheffield-based head chef was supposed to have been taking part in a charity match on the River Wye but as he was unable to get away for the full weekend and finding himself at a loose end he decided to take the opportunity to spend a few hours on his beloved River Trent.

On arrival at the Nottinghamshire waterway Lee was faced with low, clear and weedy conditions and with the sun high and bright he decided to tweak his usual tactics.

“Even with its almost invisible qualities there was no place for 11lb fluorocarbon leader with the sun as bright as it was and the river running so clear,” he told Angling Times. “For this reason I scaled down to 7lb Kryston Incognito with size 14 Drennan Super Specialists doing the duty on point.

“Bait wise, I super glued two small Hook Bait Company high oil pellets to the tag end of the hook knot and wrapped them in a paste made of HBC Stimanol Powder and powdered salmon crumb.”

Action was almost instant with a 12lb barbel finding his offering. This was shortly followed by a smaller barbel of 7lb.

“The barbel action did not last, however, and the chub soon moved in… and what a chub the first one was! At 7lb 2oz it is my second seven in under a month and my third over the 6lb-barrier. I continued to bag up on good chub with fish of 5lb 1oz, 5lb 8oz, 5lb 9oz and 5lb 10oz gracing the net.

“I can only hope my rich vein of form continues,” he added.

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