Two 40lb-plus carp in 40 minutes!

A manic 40 minute spell saw Ben Warboys break his personal best twice with a brace of forties weighing 41lb 12oz and 41lb 5oz.

The 20-year-old builder from Sittingbourne in Kent was targeting a local syndicate water which had only just reopened after the fish had spawned.

Knowing the resident carp would be hungry he kick started the session by baiting the back of a gravel bar at 60yds range with 4kg of Mainline Baits Cell boilies and presented Milky Toffee pop-ups over the top.

A stunning linear of 29lb 3oz was the first fish to grace his net and this was followed shortly by a 36lb 12oz mirror. The best was still to come, though.

“I received another take and after a powerful fight I netted a fish which I recognised as one of the lake’s biggest inhabitants – The Grand Fromage. At 41lb 5oz it was my first UK forty and broke my old best of 39lb 7oz.

“I couldn’t believe it when 40 minutes later my alarm burst in to life once more and I slipped the net under a 41lb 12oz mirror. What a result!”

Ben landed one forty on a hinged-stiff rig comprising Fox Rigidity and Illusion with size 5 Arma Point SR hook and the other on a snowman rig constructed from Fox Coretex and a size 5 SSBP hook.

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