Two 30lb-plus pike from the banks of Chew

The UK’s finest specimen pike water has delivered once again when two anglers fishing from the bank landed fish of over 30lb.

Experienced pike angler Nige Williams banked his twenty third specimen over the 30lb-barrier during a two day session at Chew Valley Reservoir when he legered the ‘biggest mackerel he’d ever seen’ to fool the predator that topped the scales at 35lb 12oz.

The Wolverhampton-based specialist fished from an area of the Somerset venue known as ‘Wick’, and presented his bait 100yds from the bank on a rig made from size 2 Greys Prowla trebles, a wire trace and 65lb braided mainline.

“I started at first light but by late afternoon I’d only had a couple of small fish,” said Nige. “It was almost dark, so I put on a huge mackerel - it was so big that my mate who I was fishing with joked that it was ‘a Drennan Cup winning mackerel.’ Shortly after getting the hookbait in the water I had a screaming take. The fish even jumped clear of the water during the water which was an incredible sight.”

He added: “I was very lucky to land this fish as the hooks fell out in the net.”

Fishing on the opposite bank to Nigel was Norfolk-based all -rounder Darryn Stolworthy, who ended a 25-year quest for a 30lb pike when he won the battle with a 34lb 7oz predator.
The Angling Direct-backed angler also put his faith in a large hookbait and used a smelt deadbait to tempt his new personal best.

Following a powerful fight he beat his prize with a rig constructed from a 35lb wire trace, size 6 Owner trebles and 65lb braided mainline.

“I’ve never fished harder for any other species in my life and to finally land a thirty is like having a weight lifted from my shoulders - I’m so chuffed,” Darryn told Angling Times.

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