Two 30lb-plus carp in just 24 hours

A tough southern syndicate water gave up two of its prize assets to Ian Lewis during a 24-hour session.

The Berkshire rod managed mirrors of 34lb 4oz and 32lb 8oz after predicting the fish would be sheltering from the wind.

The 32-year-old decorator told Angling Times: “I went on the back of the wind due to gut instinct, basically. We’ve had a prevailing wind for some time and it just felt right to get out of the way of it.

“Both baits were fished over about 2kg of chopped and whole 15mm Mistral Four Season boilies.

“I got the rods in for about midday and the first fish came at about 3pm. I’m fishing locked up and with slack lines so it was a slow, prolonged take but it gave a typical big-fish fight and gave a very good account of itself.”

Exactly 12 hours later Ian, who was fishing into deep silt at 55 yards, secured the second half of the brace with the smaller mirror.

Hinged stiff rigs made with a 15lb Gardner Disruption boom section, 20lb Gardner Trip Wire and a size 6 Covert Incizor did the job at the business end.