Two 30lb carp in early morning from Northey Park

An underfished section of water provided Dan Goult with an early morning brace of thirties.

Tackling the Northey Park syndicate in Peterborough, the CC Moore-backed angler picked up The Cannon at 38lb 8oz and The Crater Fish at 31lb 12oz on a Saturday morning.

He said: “I turned up at about 7pm on Friday to find the lake reasonably busy. After going to see a mate in one of the main swims I noticed a few fish showing in an area of the lake that often gets overlooked.

“After going round to the swim that commands this area of water I started to notice more and more show, so knew this was the area to be.”

After finding two spots close to weed beds, Dan baited a kilo of CC Moore Equinox boilies and rested the swim before casting out later that evening.

“At around 11.30pm I started getting liners on my left-hand rod. These carried on all through the night and I was starting to get a bit disheartened. That was until 3.45am when the left-hander pulled up tight and sat there. On picking the rod up it was solid, but after steady pressure I felt a kick and got it moving again.

“The next thing I knew, the rod was nearly torn from my hands as the fish made off across the bay and straight into the next weed bed. With more steady pressure I soon had it coming back towards me and she went in the net first time.

“On the scales it went 38lb 8oz. I was buzzing as it was my third thirty from the lake this year.”

Having done photographs, Dan’s left-hand rod ripped off and his second big mirror of the morning was soon in the net. “I was well made up with two thirties in a morning,” said Dan, who fished hinged stiff rigs made with Fox components.

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