Two 15lb river barbel banked

Low and clear conditions on many rivers hasn’t hampered the nation’s barbel anglers with Iain McDonald leading the way with this cracking 15lb 6oz fish.

The Canterbury, Kent-based all-rounder travelled to a Thames tributary where he presented a 10mm Hookbait Company pellet over a clear gravel run.

The first two hours of the trip passed without event, but just as the light was starting to fade his rod tip hooped over.

“It was an explosive fight, with the fish making several powerful runs before eventually giving up and dropping in to the net,” said the 42-year-old.

“I was delighted to land such a big barbel in the conditions and I packed up straight after as I knew the chances of getting a bigger one that evening were extremely unlikely,” added Iain, who used 10lb mainline to a size 12 Korum Power hook.

Further north, first time barbel angler Michael Brian opened his account with a 15lb specimen from the Derbyshire Derwent.

The local rod rekindled his love for the sport two months ago but despite fishing an Earl of Harrington’s AC controlled stretch of the waterway on a weekly basis he only had a small chub to show for his efforts.

That all changed on his latest outing, however, when he baited a deep hole with hemp and presented a Dynamite Baits The Source boilie over the top.

“I knew there were some massive barbel in the area but I never expected my first ever one to be this big,” said Michael.

“As soon as I hooked it I could feel the weight of it and once it was in the net I knew it was something special. All the blanks have been worthwhile and I’m more than willing to go through all that again to find an even bigger Derwent barbel,” he added.

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