Triumphant return with 43lb mirror carp

Ted Bryan bounced back from a bad back to take this 43lb mirror on his return to fishing.

The Londoner targeted a Kent stillwater and snared the fish from the margins.

He said: “After a very long lay-off because of bad back problems and family camping holidays I finally got the rods back out again and I went for a quick overnighter on a Kent lake.

“I was having a good walk around the lake when I saw a few fish showing, not too far out from the bank. So I got my gear and got set up. I put two rods along the marginal shelf in 10ft of water and one out at about 40 yards in about 12ft of water. I then put 100 Nash Tandoori Spice 15ml boilies over each rod and at 2.40am left-hand margin rod was off.

“I pulled into a very big fish and had a good 10-minute battle. I landed the fish and in the moonlight I could see that it was a very large mirror. I weighed it and got my mate to come and do the pics, and later that day I packed up and went home a very happy man.”

Ted tackled up with Nash rods and reels and used rigs made of 25lb Nash Missing Link, size 8 Nash Fang X hooks and two Tandoori Spice bottom baits.

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