Trio of thirties in just 36 hours

Haydn Hoskins banked three thirties in 36 hours in a memorable weekend session at Kingsmead One.

The Nash-backed angler said: “For sure, it’s the most thirties I have had in such a short space of time.”

Having arrived after dark on Friday at the Berkshire venue, Haydn got his rods out by 10.30pm. “To start with I applied several kilos of a new prototype bait mixed with a handful of so of the Coconut Crème baits, and by 2.30am I'd had my first take. Unfortunately, the hook pulled soon after.

“By morning I’d had no more action and so decided to top up the area with another kilo of bait as I was simply too tired to put any more bait after my first take. It seemed that more bait is what they wanted, as around 30 minutes after putting out a kilo of boilies, I was in again.

“This time I was fortunate enough to land a lovely 36lb 8oz common, although only just! A friend arrived to help me with the netting as the weed in front of me was so heavy, and as he slid the net under the ball of weed and lifted I could see half of the fish wasn't in the net at all. Not thinking, I jumped in and pulled the net up and over the fish. As I got out of the lake my friend mentioned how my rod and reel looked nicely submerged in the margins! I wasn't even thinking, I must have just thrown it out of my hand when I jumped in to ensure I landed the fish.”

Haydn introduced a total of 7kg of bait over the course of the session and managed another common of 33lb 4oz and a 34lb mirror. His rigs featured 20lb Nash Combi Link and size 8 Fang X hooks.

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