Trio of a lifetime from Dinton topped by 43lb mirror

Three carp in a session from Dinton Pastures is a result in its own right – but when they are a twenty, a thirty and a forty it becomes the trip of a lifetime.

Chris Beasley banked the stunning trio from White Swan Lake at the Berkshire venue and said: “It was an epic session and one I will struggle to better!”

The biggest fish of the 48-hour trip was the much sought-after Son of Triple Row at 43lb 4oz, followed by The Pretty One at 34lb 4oz. A 22lb common completed the catch.

Chris, from nearby Thatcham, fed half a kilo of Sticky Krill boilies to a soft silty patch in the weed at 30 yards and presented matching hookbaits on blowback rigs.

The 27-year-old said: “After an horrendous wet night of nothing I moved over the other side of the lake to where the fish were showing.

“At 6.30pm the rod rattled off resulting in one of my target fish and one of the real stunning carp in the shape of Son Of Triple Row at 43lb 4oz and I was blown away.

“Thinking I might still be in with a chance of another one I got the rod back out and off it went at 1am with a 22lb common. Then the same rod was off again at 3.30am with The Pretty One 34lb 4oz. To say I was blown away is an understatement!”

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