Three fish to 32lb 8oz in two nights

Tweaking his rigs has seen Ed Betteridge keep the bites coming from his Northants syndicate water.

During his latest two night outing he banked three fish from four bites with the biggest of the trio topping the scales at 32lb 8oz.

Concerned that the thick silt in the swim he was targeting was effecting his rig presentation, the Derbyshire-based Greys media manager decided to alter his rigs to combat the problem.

He explained: “On my left-hand rod I fished a reverse snowman rig, which is a presentation that I have used to great effect over the years. It involves a Milky Toffee pop-up closest to the hook and a Hybrid bottom bait furthest away. The rig is completed with the addition of a PVA stick which prevents tangles and adds attraction around the hookbait.

“On the other two rods, which were fished slightly further out, I used adapted hinged-stiff rigs. Instead of using IQ2 fluorocarbon for the boom section I used N-Trap Soft coated braid. This would sit better if the lead was to plug in to the silt.”
His alterations certainly paid dividends and in the first 24 hours of trip he had landed commons of 32lb 8oz and 24lb 6oz as well as a 27lb mirror.

“The two twenties came to the supple boom hinged-rig and the big common fell to the reverse snowman, so I was glad to see that both presentations were working as I hoped,” he added.

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