Three fish over 45lb this year!

Many anglers will struggle to bank three 45lb-plus fish in a lifetime, but Marcus Howarth has already managed it in 2014 alone.

The in-form angler completed the trio with this 46lb 15oz common from an expansive low-stock southern stillwater. His other two giants were the Big Plated from St John’s on the Linear complex and The Horse from Hampshire’s Roach Pit.

Marcus, who braced the big common with another of 31lb 6oz, recalled the capture: “I will never forget the moment. I was watching her from up a tree as she ate all the free offerings before taking my hookbait. My heart was pumping like mad thinking, ‘have I got her or has she done me?’.

“Then, when she righted herself, she started shaking her head. Jumping down from the tree, I saw the rod tip bending round. That moment will stay with me forever!”
All the fish fell to Sticky Krill boilies.

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