Three Welsh thirties in 'best session ever'

“The best fishing ever” is how Simon Weston described his session that yielded three thirties and four twenties.

The five-day trip to Commonwood Fishery in Wrexham, North Wales, produced a new personal best mirror of 33lb 4oz and commons of 30lb 10oz and 30lb 15oz.

Simon, who fished CBS Entice boiles on KD rigs at Snowdon Lake on the six-lake complex, said: “I have just returned from a five-day stay and had the best fishing ever, catching seven carp including a new personal best. All the fish were stunning. It’s the best session I think I will ever have.

“I caught some on a sunken island and some in the margin. It’s a hard water, so to catch that many and get my pb is just fantastic. I noticed them feeding on the sunken island, with their tails right out of the water, so I was raring to go when I saw that.

“I’m still lost for words. I can’t believe what I caught, and I can’t wait to go back!”

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