Thirties trio in six-fish haul

Micky French couldn’t have asked for a better first session of 2014 after landing six fish, including three thirties to 35lb 6oz from The Mets in Middlesex.

Setting up in a swim known as the Royal Box swim on the 14-acre lake, the Gardner Tackle-backed rod wasted no time casting out two 16mm Carp Company Chewy Special pop-up hookbaits over three pouchfuls of freebies.

“The traps had only been set for 10 minutes when I received my first take resulting in a 26lb common,” he told Angling Times. “Three hours later I landed a second common of 29lb and then just after dark the same rod was away again – this time a 31lb common the culprit. I was blown away, three of the lake’s originals on the bounce in winter.”

A mirror of 26lb graced his net the following morning just before a strong storm hit the area. “I sheltered in the bivvy listening to the heavy rain and hail and two trees even came down close by. The bay I was fishing got a right bashing from Mother Nature and I didn’t have another bite that day.”

Two bites in quick succession the next afternoon saw Micky complete his impressive winter haul with a brace of thirties tipping the scales at 35lb 6oz and 30lb 8oz. “I simply shook my head in disbelief. Three thirties and three upper-twenties  - not bad for my first session in four months.”

He mounted his hookbaits on size 6 Gardner Continental Mugga hooks and 25lb Sly Skin Brown hooklinks with 6ft of Camflex leadcore and 16lb Mirage Fluorocarbon mainline completing his set-up.