Thirteen 30lb-plus carp from the River Thames

Catching carp consistently on a waterway like the Thames is no feat, but it’s exactly what Ben Hinton has been doing lately.

The river specialist has now caught a thirty from the river on 13 different occasions after banking a brace of mirrors weighing 29lb and 30lb 3oz. The latter was a recapture from the opening day of the season when he had two thirties within an hour of each other.

The DNA Baits-backed angler said: “The 29-pounder was hooked on the far bank but as the take came I had three rowing boats over my line – which was backleaded – so I had to watch as line melted off the spool until the rowers moved!

“Then it got weeded up and boats were heading up the river, so to stop myself getting cut off by their propellers I jumped in my boat and winched myself over to where the fish was weeded.

“I managed to free it up quite easily, then it gave me an awesome boat battle, towing me up and down the river for 15 minutes.”

Ben added: “The thirty is a repeat of one of the opening-day 30s. This time it was three miles away from where it was on June 16.”

All the fish fell to large DNA Baits SLK barrel hookbaits presented over 50 free offerings.

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