Third 40lb-plus carp of the year for Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis chalked up one of his ‘all-time favourite captures’ in the shape of his third UK forty of the year.

The 43lb 14oz mirror, named Enoch, fell to a stealthy marginal trap at a southern stillwater and was part of a four-fish catch.

Gardner Tackle-backed Ian, from Berkshire, said: “I've been lucky to have landed three 40lb-plus mirrors this year, making it a monumental season for me.

“This fish will unquestionably go down as one of my all-time favourite captures; one I will relive in my mind for years to come.”

Ian added: “After a good few sessions learning the topography of the lakebed in an area of the lake that receives a good ripple from a south-westerly wind, I decided to concentrate my efforts on this area when I could get in there.

“I decided to fish to my strengths, what I like to call 'trap fishing', a dedicated approach when you're looking for that one special bite rather than a big hit out in the pond.

“No more than two hours after setting the trap, the locked-up Torrix rod was compressed round a storm stick, causing the fish to kite out from its bolt hole. After a frantic minute or so my dream carp was languishing in the folds of my net in the most dreamy dark winter-like colours, looking absolutely huge!”

Ian fed hemp and 10mm Peach and Black Pepper Fluoro boilies from Velocity Baits. His matching pop-up hookbait was glugged in hemp oil and presented on a short 15lb Gardner Disruption hooklink and a size 6 Wide Gape Talon Tip hook. The setup was pinned down with 4ft of Camflex lead-free leader and Critical Mass putty.

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