Third 100lb-plus catfish from Oakwood Predator Lakes

This 119lb catfish is one of the biggest coarse fish swimming around in the UK and the third over 100lb to have been caught from Oakwood Predator Lakes so far this year.

Alex Fanshawe landed the colossal predator from the Norfolk venue after enduring a powerful 15 minute fight in the early hours of the morning.

The 32-year-old from Ruislip, London was taking part in a fish-in with the Catfish Conservation Group when he beat his personal best for the species by almost 75lb and set a new record for the group itself.

“I only took up cat fishing last year and this was by far the largest fish I have ever seen on the bank and one of the most amazing experiences of my life,” Alex told Angling Times. “The ironic thing is that when my alarm went screamed off and I lifted into it, I commented to my fishing partner that it didn’t feel very big. It came straight towards me at first but when it saw the bank it tore off. It almost managed to get behind an island so I had to apply a lot of pressure. It was a massive relief to finally get it in the net.”

Alex used a freelined half mackerel section with a PVA bag full of crushed boilies, pellets and oils which he cast to an island channel. His successful tackle consisted of a size 2/0 barbless hook and a 150lb braided hooklink.

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