Tench fishing trip ends with 38lb mirror carp

What started out as a tench fishing trip ended with Paul Elt landed Richworth Linear Fisheries’ Manor Farm’s most sought after resident – this 38lb 1oz mirror known as Spike.

The St Neots-based all-rounder had originally baited a spot at range where the bottom shelved from 4ft to 6ft with Frenzied Hemp and Red Krill pellets but when he lost a carp on his light tench gear he quickly changed tactics.

“With so many carp over my baited areas I got the carp gear from the car and topped up the spot with an extra 1kg of Red Ammo Tigernut boilies,” the Dynamite Baits and Drennan-backed rod told Angling Times. “Activity increased as soon as the heat went out of the day and darkness set in. At 1am the rod rattled off and one of Oxfordshire’s finest had slipped up. I braced her with a 24lb 8oz common to make it a memorable trip, I was glad I’d left my options open.

“It really proves how good the boilie is as a tough water like Manor sees a lot of top bait from some of the country’s most respected anglers. To catch Spike on a short trip was a great result,” added Paul, who fished a short hinged-stiff rig incorporating a size 6 Drennan Continental hook with a 2oz lead on a semi-fixed lead clip.

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