Target 3lb perch from Surrey stillwater

Going against the grain proved to be the key to success for Jack Pells when he caught this 3lb perch from a local stillwater.

The majority of predator anglers on the lake use livebaiting tactics to avoid the large head of bream, silvers and carp, but the Surrey-based rod decided to snub this approach in favour of a worm, prawn and maggot attack.

Fishing a 3BB waggler close in under a bush he fed maggots soaked in Predator Plus liquid all day and received his first bite at dusk resulting in a fish of 2lb 7oz.

He said: “The float buried again on the next cast as the fish tried to find sanctuary in the snags. After several powerful runs I drew it over the net and achieved my long-term target of catching a three pounder.”

Jack used 4lb Drennan Double Strength and a size 16 Drennan hook.

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