Stunning 30lb mirror from Dinton Pastures

Autumn carp don’t get much better than this beauty from Berkshire’s Dinton Pastures.

Jaime Atkinson caught the 30lb 4oz mirror along with a mid-twenty common and a double during a two-night session on the challenging White Swan Lake.

The 29-year-old dental technician extracted the fish from silty patches in the central part of the lake.

He said: “After doing a slow lap of the lake with not much to go on I plumped for the middle area of the lake in a swim I'd fished and caught from a couple of times before.
“As darkness fell the carp turned up and started rolling all around me. It was   Just after midnight when the right hander pulled up tight and I was into a fast-moving but small-feeling carp. Sure enough, I was soon unhooking a pristine double-figure common which I released quickly to get the rod back out on the money.

“The same rod was away again just before dawn, but this time it felt a decent fish as it bored down hard to a snag in the left-hand margin. It fought like a tiger for a good 10 minutes.

“My good mate Cheesy came to do some cracking shots and confirmed it to be a fish known as the Bay Fish. I've caught much bigger from the venue but looks-wise I think this one is a bit special.”

Jaime fished Sticky Krill bottom baits over 500gr of freebies per fish. His rigs were made of 20lb Korda N-Trap and size 6 Wide Gape hooks.

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