Steve Ringer's Guide to Feeder Fishing free with this week's Angling Times

Steve Ringer's Guide to Feeder Fishing is guaranteed to put loads more fish in your net this season and is FREE with this week's Angling Times.

"My favourite style of fishing is catching bream on the feeder on big waters, but I love all types of feeder fishing - Method, pellet feeder and groundbait - and have caught some really big weights on them all.

The feeder is a brilliant way of fishing your swim with pinpoint accuracy as it delivers your feed and hookbait together, and over the past few years I reckon I've perfected a few extra edges which help me to catch extra carp, bream, tench and roach too.

Throughtout the guide I'll show you the gear I use, how to tie simple but effective rigs, and reveal a few tricks to try when you're on the bank.

Steve Ringer"