Spate of runs ends with Split Tail out at 35lb 4oz

Zig-rigged foam helped Dale Turner bag one of his target fish during a four-fish haul.

The East Sussex angler caught the 35lb 4oz common in an overnight session that also produced three fish at once.

Dale explained: “I got to the lake at around 5.30pm straight from work at the Solar Tackle factory. I’d fished an overnighter on the water the week previous and lost a good fish at the net, so I knew the area that I wanted to be in.

“Once at the lake I could see that there were only two other anglers on and to my delight the swim I wanted to get in was free.

“By the time I was set up and had all three rods out it was dark and although the day had been warm the temperatures had plummeted and it was freezing. At 4:30am I had a ripping take and slipped a 24lb mirror in to the net just five minutes later. It was a fish called The Snake, which I left secured in the net while I got my waders on.

“Just as I started to pull them on, the middle rod tore off and after a short fight I had a 17lb 8oz mirror in the net as well. No sooner was that fish in the net than my last rod tore off as well! I had three fish in one net and all the rods were in a right mess.”

Dale eventually got his rods out again but was called upon once more just 30 minutes later as his middle rod took off.

“It was a slow and heavy fight and once I got it under the rod tip I could see in the beam from my head torch that it was a very big common. As soon as I slipped it in to my net I knew that it was a fish called Spit Tail, which hadn’t been out since June and is one of the two fish that I joined this particular lake to catch.”

Dale used 10lb Drennan Double Strength tied to size 8 Solar Wide Gape hooks.

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