Solar boss scores big in France with new boilies

A new bait helped Solar Tackle boss Martin Locke bank 40 carp over 30lb on a trip to France’s famous Rainbow Lake.

The biggest of the fortnight session weighed 70lb 8oz and there were a total of three sixties and seven forties in the impressive haul.

Fishing from peg 19, Martin baited with his own Salty Sweet particle and new Chilli Club boilies, which are set for release soon.

He said: “The fishing wasn’t easy, particularly as a shoal of grass carp moved in midway through the first week and were hell bent on cleaning me out on every spot before anything else had a chance. Thankfully though, after resting the swim for the best part of a day, the grass carp moved off and I could get on with targeting the big carp.

“Action was steady throughout most of the session, with the biggest of the trip, the 70lb 8oz mirror, coming on the Tuesday evening in the second week.”

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