Six fish haul from Grenville topped by 38lb 12oz carp

Fishery officer Paul Bennett took advantage of a warm spell to extract six fish from Grenville Lake’s considerable depths.

The Environment Agency employee managed four twenties and two thirties to 38lb 12oz in three nights at the 72-acre, 40ft-deep Cambridgeshire water.

With daytime temperatures reaching 18C, Paul set up in the face of a strengthening wind in peg 17 and baited an area about 90 yards out with 7kg of various Mad Baits boilies.
After two blank days, the growing wind finally brought the fish to swim and the action began with a 33lb 8oz mirror at 3.20pm on Paul’s penultimate day.

He said: “The wind got stronger and the waves got bigger but there was no further action until 6am Friday morning when the same rod had a massive drop back and in a flash I was into my second fish of the session, which was a beautifully fully scaled mirror of 21lb 8oz.
“No more than half an hour or so later my middle rod was away and another Grenville carp hit the net at 25lb 8oz. I then added two more of Grenville's inhabitants at 29lb 14oz and 22lb 10oz before the grand finale – a fish known as the Male Fish which was Grenville's first ever 40lb fish some years ago.

“It’s a rare visitor to the bank and he came in at 38lb 12oz. What a session! The fish dined on the culinary delights I had laid on for them and my hunch was correct to go with the wind.”