Shark Bite out at 45lb 8oz from Avenue Fisheries

Luke Edwards toasted the arrival of his new daughter with the capture of this 45lb 8oz mirror.

The Shropshire rod made the four-mile journey to RH Fisheries’ Avenue Lake and caught the fish, known as Shark Bite, during a day session.

“After the safe arrival of our baby girl I had the all clear for a day session,” said Luke.
“I got there at first light and, knowing I had limited time, quickly headed to an area that does morning bites. I quickly sent the rods out and waited in anticipation, but nothing happened so I went for a walk and found a group of fish on the end of a new wind.

“As I was moving I slipped over and broke the tip on my rod, so as I was frustrated I took a breather and tied two new rigs and settled in my new swim. About an hour after casting out, my left-hand rod tore off and I was playing a lump. Just as I was about to land it the hook pulled! I was gutted.

“I then re-cast the rods but noticed the fish had moved slightly, so I moved my rigs and added a light sprinkling of 10mm Mainline Hybrid boilies.

“Light and time was running out but as I was chatting with one of the members my alarm signalled a bleep and the rod was a way. After a 10-minute battle I slipped my net under a fish known as Shark Bite.”

Luke presented a Hybrid wafter on a blowback rig made with a size 8 Fox  Kuro hook and 12lb Trans Khaki Illusion.

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