Secret formula to growing record roach

A fisheries expert has this week revealed his secret formula to growing record-sized roach.

Andrew Ellis, owner of A&E Fisheries Consultancy has used his years of experience to come up with five simple steps for fishery owners and clubs to follow if they want to boost the size of the redfins in their waters - and what’s more it will barely cost a penny.

Cotswolds-based Andrew, who has worked in the industry for over two decades, believes clubs and fisheries have to actively manage their lakes in order to achieve results. Speaking exclusively to Angling Times he said: “One of the main pointers to breeding bigger roach is cropping your stock every year. By doing so you can not only make money from the excess fish but it makes for a healthier lake and bigger fish.

“It is amazing how many fisheries just keep re-stocking every time sport slows but throwing fish at the problem is not the answer.”

Andrew has already put his methods into practice with great results at Lemington Lakes. A number of other UK venues have also taken up his advice which includes ideas such as keeping a varied mix of stock, feeding fish with cereal based pellets or maize, as well as checking the health of the water. Chris Mack, owner of Bartles Lodge Fishery in Dereham, Norfolk is just one of many reaping the rewards. He said: “I have literally spent no money since stocking my lakes a few years ago as with the help from Andrew we have cropped the stock on the lakes as he advised and the fishing has been excellent for all species. We have a lake with mainly roach in and in just three years they are already up to 1.5lb it’s amazing.”

Another venue set to follow Andrew’s advice is Norfolk’s Highbridge Lakes which hit the headlines last week following the capture of a record shaking 4lb 1oz roach by carp angler Sean Jackson. Fishery manager Dale McLachlan said: “We haven’t done it in the past but we are now planning to crop the stocks during a netting operation at the end of the month.  The fish here have reached massive weights without any work, so hopefully removing the smaller fish will see them get even bigger.”

Five Steps To Grow a Record Roach

• Try to have more than one species present in your pool to help keep a balance. Carp are good because they help to colour the water and keep weed growth down.

• Net your lake every year and crop the fish by removing anything between 6-8oz.

• Feed regularly with maize or cereal pellets to keep the fish well fed and healthy.

• Do  not restock unless you’ve had a fish kill or your numbers were originally low.

• Check the health of your water regularly including plant life and acidity and make sure it is kept well oxygenated.

Andrew runs his own fishery consultancy business which offers full fishery health reports and further advice on growing fish. Anyone interested in his services can do so by calling him on: 07966 250399 or visiting:

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