Second UK fifty for Mike North with 53lb 9oz carp

A three-hour midnight journey followed by another 12 hours of scouring the lake paid off for Mike North as he bagged his second UK fifty.

The North Lincolnshire angler travelled through the night to the Ringstead fishery in Northamptonshire and was rewarded with The Lady at 53lb 9oz.

The 27-year-old, who runs Culture Baits and Tackle, said: “I was buzzing. I’ve really struggled this year – it’s a five-or-six-fish-a-year syndicate and prior to this I had done 14 nights for just one fish, so to have this one as my second fish was quite jammy!”

Mike added: “I live a long way from the lake and I left home at about 12.30am on Friday night and arrived at the lake before dawn. I spent about 12 hours looking round and finding fish, and saw two or three showing at the deeper end. I knew the wind would be pushing in there so I set up in a swim called the Bean Tree.

“I got the rods out at about 5.30pm and at 5am I had a couple of bleeps. Then at 8.15am I had the run. Normally they are pretty twitchy in there but this tore off.

“The weather was awful and I got ridiculously wet during what was a good fight. I saw it roll about 15 minutes in and knew it was a good fish, but I wasn’t sure which one it was.”

Mike used his own company’s Mystique boilies fished on a simple 7ins fluorocarbon hooklength with a Nash Fange Twister hook.

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