Second 50lb-plus common for Dave Lane in a year

Dave Lane’s phenomenal 2014 got even better with the capture of this 51lb 4oz common on his birthday.

Having banked the elusive Burghfield Common at 55lb in July, Dave became possibly the only angler in history to land two 50lb commons in the same season with the capture of Kitch from Northey Park near Peterborough.

The Mainline and TF Gear-backed angler had only fished the Cambridgeshire venue for 12 nights since acquiring a winter ticket in October. Before last week’s momentous capture he had already caught two mid-thirties and a 22-pounder.

He told Angling Times: “The week before, I found the perfect spot from up a tree and put a bit of bait on it. I watched the swans come across and try to dive on it, but it was just out of their depth, which is crucial on there.

“When they went I caught the 22-pounder, so I put quite a lot of bait out and went back this week. In between, there had been two forties out of the lake and one was close to that area so I knew they had been on the bait.

“I did 24 hours and didn’t have a bite. Normally I would move, but I had a walk round and it still looked like the best spot. It was my birthday and I had been visualising catching that fish on that day, just dreaming about it as you do, but it got dark and the lake hadn’t done any bites between sunset and midnight so I thought my chance had gone.

“At 6pm I had two beeps and the fish came in like a lamb. That’s its signature so I had an idea which fish it was, but it was only 20 yards out and it came in with 20 turns of the reel. I did struggle to get it over the net cord and had to ‘double shake’ the net to get it in – that was a very twitchy moment!

“It’s a fantastic-looking fish, it’s like the Burghfield Common’s brother.”

In just over a year, Dave has caught 71 fish from Monks Pit in Cambridgeshire, 44 fish from Berkshire’s Burghfield and has now conquered Northey Park in a matter of weeks.

“I will have to go a very long way to beat this year,” he said. “I’m now going to Bundy’s Pit for the rest of the winter, and that has three 49lb-plus commons, so a hat-trick of fifties before Christmas would be nice!”

Dave fished Mainline Hybrid boilies on 360-degree rigs.

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