River Kennet produces personal best chub of 6lb 10oz

A rising river greeted Ray Pulley for his latest session on the Kennet but it didn’t stop him catching a new personal best 6lb 10oz chub.

The fish is his third 6lb-plus specimen in the last two months and came from a spot tight to a set of nearside snags.

Using a bait dropper to introduce a mix of pellets, bloodworm, maggots and groundbait he left the swim to settle before presenting a piece of Sausage Sizzle paste wrapped around a 10mm pellet over the top.

“It was raining constantly and there was loads of debris coming down the river into my line, including a traffic cone! Just half an hour into darkness the rod wrapped round and I was into what felt like a barbel. When I saw a great big pair of white lips break the surface I knew it was a big chub!” he said.

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